Liebster Award


Liebster is German for sweetheart, dearest, or beloved. And littlelouvain is all of the above! Thank you for nominating me! It’s a great opportunity to welcome new bloggers and help expose their content. It made my day being asked!

Here are the rules:

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  •  Cocktails or wine?
    Cocktails — Brugal & Coke or Mimosas
  • What is your favourite item in your closet?
    Leggings all way! You can dress them up or down.
  • If you had to choose: shoes or handbags?
    Handbags! I like shoes but I LOVE a good bag.
  • Favourite magazine?
    I don’t look through many magazines but I think the Walmart mag is FULL of great tips, tricks, and ideas for food and the home. I also enjoy Style at Home.
  • What are your top 3 bloggers?
    I enjoy the beauty bybel by Carli Bybel, Amanda-bella, and littlelouvain by Elien
  • Do you have a favourite brand of makeup?
    L’Oreal or Maybelline
  • Is there something in particular you always carry with you in your handbag?
    I have to have a variety of lip colours and a lip balm — ALWAYS need lip balm (Nivea Lip Care original, is my top pick)
  • What do you love to do on weekends?
    Working in retail, a weekend isn’t always on a weekend! But, I love to sleep without being awoken by an alarm. I enjoy spending the day with my fiance; the time usually consists of walking our dog Tica, enjoying a delicious dinner, and taking some time to chat about life (either on a long impromptu drive, or in the backyard). These types of days typically begin with a good cup of coffee in the company of my Mum and lots of laughs.
  • Favourite shops?
    I love Old Navy, Indigo, Ikea, and Walmart
  • Do you have a morning routine?
    I do have a morning routine. I wake up and I wash my face with cool water (can’t be warm). I eat almost immediately after (a sesame seed bagel toasted with margarine and peanut butter). Then coffee and some tv. When it’s a workday, I skip the breakfast to do my makeup first. After getting dressed I enjoy my morning meal. Coffee is usually to-go on those days.