Who doesn’t love a fluffy, moist cupcake, perfectly piled with a topping of homemade icing? There isn’t one person out there! Looking at the photo above you can just imagine walking into the house and smelling the sweet scent of freshly baked cake, hearing the subtle murmur of the mixer stirring up that delicious frosting. As a kid, those were the best days to come home to after school!

BUT, as we grow up, Mum doesn’t make those delights as much anymore and we don’t all have the time to make those special treats ourselves  damnit

But no need to fret because Blush Cupcakes has come to our rescue!

I decided to feature Blush in my Inspired Saturdays collection because the two ladies who run this company, inspire me! With a full-time career, and a new baby, these two lovely women decided to pursue their passion for baking and build it into a successful company. All the cupcake and icing recipes are created through taste and trial at home with friends and family. THAT is the way to do things right, if you ask me!

I had a celebration with family and decided to purchase a batch for our dessert. I easily connected with Blush Cupcakes through their Instagram account, then direct email. I was contacted back within the half hour. I LOVE quick responses! We discussed the event I was hosting, the flavours I enjoy, and even the colour theme I may desire for my sweet treats. Talk about personalized and custom service. I didn’t expect that.

I decided on lemon cupcakes with a fresh lemon buttercream. They use fresh lemon juice and zest to really pack a flavour punch. We customized the colours to pop on my table, acting as a center piece for us to drool over until lunch had finished. The beautiful purple and light yellow helped us continue hoping for Spring to appear.
Blush even offers delivery if you are within the Toronto/GTA area… WHAT!? I was stunned. A cupcake company that delivers? Are the angels singing? My cupcakes came to me, in a perfect blush coloured cupcake box — perfect for storage (although there were none left over after lunch to store lol).

Working in retail, I find it hard to find excellent customer service. People take for granted the power behind doing what you love and loving what you do. Blush Cupcakes’ passion comes through in their TASTE and SERVICE. I value the extra efforts and the professional yet personal service. Their price is so reasonable considering the perfection in each bite, and all the bells and whistles they offer too. These ladies inspired me to try something new, and to always remember that it is important to seek out your passion in life. You will be successful when you enjoy what you’re doing each day. People will notice.

Fluffy, creamy, smooth, and pretty. Gosh, just thinking of them makes me blush… I think that may be how they found their name! haha

Check out Blush Cupcakes here on Instagram. They have tons of great photos of their awesome creations.
If you live in the Toronto/GTA area, you MUST get in contact with them for your next event.

Blush Cupcakes are all things francie approved!



  1. You are an absolute gem! We are so happy you enjoyed our cupcakes and thank you for your kind words! Nothing is more satisfying than hearing such wonderful feedback from beautiful clients like yourself! Thank you for making us Blush and featuring us on your Inspired Saturday post! Thank you so so much!

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