Where have you been?

I wish there was an extravagant answer for that one! But the truth is that I have been slightly uninspired to write the passed few months. Life is a funny thing. When the most is going on, inspiration can seem desolate regarding creativity. Yet, when the ride is smooth, one must almost search for the desire to indulge. Through the last little bit of time, I have realized that timing is everything! We really have no control over that timing either. We can aim our very best at meeting our own goals and deadlines, but life will unfold as it wants.

I have been absent from my blog because I couldn’t bring myself to review products and write about somewhat materialistic non-important opinions that I may have. However, it dawned on me recently that the importance of writing isn’t solely for the content but also for the therapy. Becoming lost in your typing really is a beautiful thing. The view of materialism and non-important opinions comes from simply experiencing much more life-altering and defining things as of late. And that happens to all of us! Suddenly a good nights’ sleep can be way more valuable than your favourite Friday night show – that kind of thing.

I love to review and reccommend products, as well as motivate and inspire you all to find your self-happiness. The last while I had to turn into myself and seek out that journey again. And somehow it has led me back here to continue from where I left off!

Remember to subscribe and thank you for hanging in until I returned!

– francie


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