Eat, feel, and think healthy

Sometimes I feel like I could be healthier. Sometimes I think am I healthy enough? 

What does healthy really mean?

I manage a chocolate shop so you can imagine my indulgences. I had an elderly man come in and simply said to me, “I’m an old fuddy-duddy but I walk around and ask myself why are there so many fat young girls around these days?”

I didn’t know whether to be angry or shocked. I felt both. I am fit so I am often questioned how I look the particular way I do when I work in a place of chocolatey goodness. But this was unreal. How can someone be so ignorant is a fraction of what I really thought towards his commentary. And so I quickly organized my thoughts and asked him “what does fat look like to you, and what would you identify as healthy?” He said thin. I told him he was wrong. I told him he was making a visible judgement when health has everything to do with body fat percentage and an overall well-being. He didn’t know what to say but he seemed perterbed that I was arguing back.

Regardless of this fuddy-duddy and his commentary, it pushed me to think about health. Healthy thoughts are what I think to be of most importance. Eating healthy is meaningless unless you feel good about it. Excercise and activity will be fueled by positive thoughts. And then there’s this feeling of healthiness that flows with your everyday brainwave.

I have been experimenting with cooking and consuming less sugar (almost impossible I tell you) and there’s a few things that have helped me.

  • Going to a farmer’s market! I didn’t buy anything different than what I would from the grocery store, but going to the market and feeling much more green has created a feeling of excitement everytime I go to make my food. Also, try growing your own! I have a veggie garden and there’s not many greater feelings about food than pulling a carrot out of the ground. These things create healthy thoughts, healthy feelings, and healthy meals.
  • Trying the gym again! Even if you feel you can’t, try again. I haven’t been totally successful with the gym because I feel defeated and hopeless and tired. But don’t let those things prevent you from trying again. You are the only measure of your own success. 
  • Have a me day! I had vacation time and I spent one of those days having a makeshift beach day at home. I don’t have a pool or a beach, but I packed up a beach bag with my beach essentials, threw in my swimsuit and hung out in the backyard. It was great! I got the same effect of a day-away but without any stress because I was home. It was a great reflection day and I felt relaxed in a whole new way. Sometimes a reboot is all you need to recharge your goals!

Being healthy matters. We are responsible to keep ourselves in check. But how we do this is totally dependent on how we want to feel. Thinking about health as an energy we want to exude can change the whole method in which we seek our goals. Don’t be a fuddy-duddy either, respect each other’s differences. 

How do you stay healthy? 

Encourage each other in the comments below.

– Francie 


Social Media Exit

I will preface this post with saying: this is just MY experience and it isn’t suited for everyone. I am not judging those who feel differently than I do although I know this will be shocking for some.

I am not connected to any social media (outside of Pinterest). Done and done — the secrets out. [insert gasp]

And what a relief it was!

There was a scenario that caused me to exit the social media universe, but it was entirely my choice. I was not an obsessive Instagram-er or Facebook junkie… they were on my phone and it would be a habit to check out the ‘happenings’ when I woke up, had a break, or was going to bed. With saying that, I didn’t realize what the effects were until I left them all.

Facebook was the first to go and the only thing missed was birthdays — oh wow I had return to use the good ol’ calendar to reference who was born on which day, scary! A few years later when Instagram become the #1, then Snapchat, I didn’t ever think that there was much wrong with either —  I could follow who I want which was mostly friends and family, and I wasn’t posting very much myself because that wasn’t of interest for me.

Then I deleted them both. At first I couldn’t figure out what to do with the few moments in time that I would once use those apps. And then I felt like I was sort of missing out on all the cool recipes or events that I used to see. And then I started to hear the shock factor from others about the fact that I “didn’t have Instagram!” which made me feel like I was missing my arm or something. But, none of those feelings persuaded me to re-join.

Once I got over the hump, I felt more than relieved. I’m not the type to feel bad about myself, although I can be pretty critical. I am not the type to compare myself to others in an extreme way, although I still do it. I’m not the type to look at everything and believe its’ exactly as it looks, although I can be gullible. I’ll tell you, all of these things are happening when you are viewing what the rest of the world posts to be their everyday lives… all in their perfectly curated memory book of their best moments of their everyday lives. I could tell myself all day long that I knew that all these moments were the ideal shots in anyones’ day, but until I stopped seeing them, did I start to see the difference in me.

What a difference in how I spend my time. I actually read the news. I call my friends and family to ask what they’re doing and how they are. I have a calendar and agenda I use to document whats’ going on in my life. Suddenly time means more when you have to actually experience it. My mum — who does not have a cell phone — would always say “if I’m not home, you don’t need to get a hold of me, I will call you back when I get home” and having a cell phone for over 15 years, I couldn’t imagine NOT having one… how can you not call home to a loved one when you’re at the grocery store and need to know if we need milk!? BUT, she’s right in theory. Why do I need to view someone’s life through photos or videos or ‘moments’ without them sitting down with me to share their experience over a cup of coffee? Why is it we feel so entitled? I understand the world we live in is so demanding that social media serves a purpose for proving technological advancements and it captures the moments we have no time to share personally, but what about making that time? What about not expecting the information to show up in front of us to know what so-and-so is doing today?

I don’t miss any of it. I do still actively use my Pinterest, which some may say is still social media… even this blog could be. But I feel like I am learning while I Pin and type because I am using it for that purpose.

So many times we see peoples lives through rose coloured lenses that we forget to be in the moment in our own life. I’m sure that many people can do it all and can block out comparing, and over-sharing, and over-looking and manage to use social media on a minimal scale but I dare you to break up with it for a few days and see how you make up that time. Social media can serve as inspiration and connection, but what did we do before it? What can we do without it? Find your own inspiration from nature, magazines, the news, conversation, perhaps your own thoughts! It’s amazing what we are missing out on while our faces are so far into our phones and tablets.

I still feel a little left out sometimes when everyone’s talking about what so-and-so posted or that how funny that video on Snapchat was… but then I remember that people were happier so long ago when they had to wait for that letter to arrive in their mailbox from their family or loved one a million miles away. Patience creates excitement and in an instant world, a little patience goes a long way. And, I have realized that all you have to do is ask someone to share with you what they are talking about and then you’ll know… no need to get sucked into the trend. And if you can’t let go of the trend of social media, try to take a break and limit how much you feel you need to know about someone elses’ life.

Take time to focus on your life and live in the present moment.

I dare you.


Summer comes and goes 

How is it that the winter feels like an eternity and yet summer flies by in a snap? Maybe it’s because it’s the first summer I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in many years… most especially because of the amazing weather. #grateful 

That hot hot heat that makes you feel like the sun is giving you a gentle hug. Ice creams and windows-down drives, late nights in the backyard, BBQ and a beer — the best of summer. 

Before we know it we will have our sweaters on once the sun rests overnight. But a new season is a chance for renewal and appreciation for all of Fall. 

Stay blessed! 

– francie

My claim to standing fame…

“Are those Crocs?”

So many times I am asked if my shoes are Crocs… and YES, they are! I seem to be remotely famous in my work setting because of these babies. Working in retail you are standing and walking and sweating and swelling all 8 hours of your day. I also suffer from the circulatory phenomenon of Reynoids which adds to the potential discomfort and essentially “no sense no feeling” aspect of my apendages (fingers and toes). Continue reading “My claim to standing fame…”

Where have you been?

I wish there was an extravagant answer for that one! But the truth is that I have been slightly uninspired to write the passed few months. Life is a funny thing. When the most is going on, inspiration can seem desolate regarding creativity. Yet, when the ride is smooth, one must almost search for the desire to indulge. Through the last little bit of time, I have realized that timing is everything! We really have no control over that timing either. We can aim our very best at meeting our own goals and deadlines, but life will unfold as it wants.

I have been absent from my blog because I couldn’t bring myself to review products and write about somewhat materialistic non-important opinions that I may have. However, it dawned on me recently that the importance of writing isn’t solely for the content but also for the therapy. Becoming lost in your typing really is a beautiful thing. The view of materialism and non-important opinions comes from simply experiencing much more life-altering and defining things as of late. And that happens to all of us! Suddenly a good nights’ sleep can be way more valuable than your favourite Friday night show – that kind of thing.

I love to review and reccommend products, as well as motivate and inspire you all to find your self-happiness. The last while I had to turn into myself and seek out that journey again. And somehow it has led me back here to continue from where I left off!

Remember to subscribe and thank you for hanging in until I returned!

– francie