Homemade Cottage Pie

In honour of my late Nana, who passed away just over a year ago, a celebratory day was scheduled. One of her prized possessions was a cutout piece housed above the kitchen cabinets for everyone to see, ‘Irish Forever’ in bold and bright emerald green. So naturally, St.Patrick’s Day was the perfect day to commemorate her life.
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Lunch antipasto style

Finger foods are the best. When you’re at an event and those lovely trays come around with little bits of this and that, you can fill up on those before ever getting the main meal. Antipasto is my favourite. You have a few veggies, pickled or fresh, with cheese and cured meats, maybe some vinaigrette, crackers or breads… mmm!
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Meatless Monday

Lunch can be so easy when the fridge is full! Getting to the grocery store can be the hardest part of meal making. Schedule time in your week to get to the grocery store and suddenly, your lunch money will start to collect. I say this like it’s so simple, but myself, I’m working on it. Continue reading “Meatless Monday”

Dinner for one

Sometimes when you don’t know what you want, the best creations come to life. I was feeling like a good ol’ grilled cheese. A delicious toasted crusty bun, slapped with two pieces of havarti cheese. While it was settled under the broiler, I felt inspired by a perfectly ripened tomato aptly sitting and staring at me. When you are blessed to have the best produce picker (yes, that’s you Steve!), you really do get the best results. A couple of thick tomato slices, topped with a few piecesof leafy lettuce , a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette and voila! Bon appetit!