My claim to standing fame…

“Are those Crocs?”

So many times I am asked if my shoes are Crocs… and YES, they are! I seem to be remotely famous in my work setting because of these babies. Working in retail you are standing and walking and sweating and swelling all 8 hours of your day. I also suffer from the circulatory phenomenon of Reynoids which adds to the potential discomfort and essentially “no sense no feeling” aspect of my apendages (fingers and toes). Continue reading “My claim to standing fame…”


REVIEW: Lush Light Pink colour supplement & Feeling Younger Skin Tint

I am always seeking out new and great ways to make up my face without coating my face in makeup. I love evening my skin tone and correcting discoloration while hydrating and protecting my skin. But I don’t love the feeling of most products that can do this. I have a couple posts about face makeup (REVIEW: Garnier Skin Active Renew BB Cream & REVIEW: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless) and the search is always ongoing.

I am currently trying out Lush Light Pink colour supplement. On the website it is described to be used as a foundation, mixed into your moisturizer or applied as a concealer. It features fresh rose infusion as the base of the colour supplement to make it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. There are 5 colours to select from. So far I am enjoying this product. It is summer so the temperatures fluctuate between 20 and 30 degrees with and without humidity. I have been mixing the colour supplement with my moisturizer to create a tinted cream to layer onto my skin. I find it helps to reduce the redness around my nose and eyes, and give the appearance of smoother skin, although it does not conceal any of my blemishes. I have tried to add the pigment directly to the blemish spot, blending with a concealer brush but it still does not hide the skin imperfection well.

This product feels great on the skin. It is very hydrating, although if heavy handed the product can feel sticky to the touch. I think it is more comfortable when set with a translucent loose powder. I will continue to work with this product to find the best way to wear it because I love its’ natural ingredients and benefits for the skin. Fairly pricey at $17.95 CDN for 18 grams of product and no preservatives (although safe for about a year) I want to get my moneys’ worth!

Check out more details on Lush Light Pink colour supplement here.

Light Pink & Feeling Younger

Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint is one of my favourite makeup products at the moment. It is intended to lighten and brighten the skin with a gorgeous glow all made from incredible ingredients for your skin — oatmeal, cocoa butter, almond and jojoba oil. This can be used for that summer sun kiss on the cheekbones or mixed into your moisturizer or primer to give an all over sheen. In any application this product helps your skin radiate! I love it. Buy it at Lush for $19.95 CDN. Preservative free and made without mineral oil, this product is made for inner and outer glowing beauty!

Check out more details on Feeling Younger Skin Tint here.

Lush Light Pink colour supplement isn’t tested enough to be all things francie approved.

Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint is all things francie approved!

REVIEW: essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara

First off, I have to say that I use this product every day. It is a product I have seen floating around YouTube and decided to finally try it out. I have ashy brown eye brows that at times can look slightly grey when compared to my warmer toned hair. So, I fill in my brows daily (makeup days or non-makeup days) to help tone-match to my hair and fill sparse areas. Many YouTubers mention this to be a dupe for Benefit‘s original gimme brow product; which will run you close or over $30 CDN at Sephora. Benefit has since revamped their brow makeup line, but for me… meaningless! The essence brand is affordable and delivers on their products.


The essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara promises 3-in-1 benefits — colour, density, and shape. It is a tinted gel containing tiny fibers that will help to fill in any sparse areas. There are 2 shades, 01 blondy brows and 02 browny brows. I have dark blonde hair with warmer undertones and I am loving the second shade. This product thickens up my brows without over-darkening them. The product is buildable and allows me to choose the intensity of the brows. Because of the small size applicator brush, I can control the shape and placement of the product.

Best of all is… the price! I purchased this at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3.99 ! Yes really!

I can also use this product to hold my brows in place after penciling, powdering, or pomade-ing them in.

essence make me brow eyebrow gel mascara is all things francie approved.

Check it out here on the essence website.

Best Product Combo to Thicken Nails

I certainly wear and tear my nails everyday. Working in service and retail and food — your nails are under constant construction. I also suffer from poor blood circulation, which cause my hands and feet to forever be cold. I’m sure this doesn’t help in nail strength and thickness. I think I have finally discovered the perfect nail product combination to help keep my nails from breaking or peeling.

Veralac is a product for the nails intended to reduce splitting and fragility. It is supposed to help protect them from chemicals and solvents, and improve the overall appearance. My fiancé purchased this for me, probably after hearing me complain for so long about my broken nails. There are two natural medicinal ingredients in this product that contribute to its’ benefits:

  • Horsetail (plant) extract has a high concentration of silicic acid that connects to keratin in the nail repairing it and strengthening it.
  • MSM is a natural form of sulfur that is built of proteins and fibre that contribute to keratin molecular elasticity and hardening.

The product is applied like a nail polish with a brush. It is hydrosoluble, and so it absorbs quickly while also leaving a thin film on the nail protecting it from external factors that can deteriorate it. You can apply this product nightly if leaving nails bare, or beneath your nail polish before application of the colour.

When I’m not applying a colour polish I’ll then apply Sally Hansen Thicken Up! on top of Veralac. I have had this product for a few years and I can’t seem to find its’ exact match anywhere but on Ebay. I think the updated version is Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener. It’s a calcium enriched clear nail product that bonds to weak, brittle, ridged nails. It gives some stability and immediate thickness and protection to the nail itself. It also leaves the nail with a glossy shine; which I love for day to day.

This combination has kept my nails from splitting or breaking this entire winter — and this winter has been especially dry, which definitely impacts my nails fragility.

I hope that if you are struggling with your nail growth, that you give this combination a try. They are all things francie approved!

Pricey but worth it, purchase Veralac here.

Check out Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener here.

REVIEW: Garnier Skin Active Renew BB Cream

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews of this product since it hit the market. To my knowledge, this was one of the first BB creams to be sold in the drugstore. Foundation can sometimes feel heavy on the skin for everyday, so the benefits of a lighter and thinner option are vast. I know that I jumped at the chance to try something like that.

The products’ claim is to renew, brighten, even, hydrate (for 24 hours), and protect the skin; it is a multi-benefit product that combines skincare and coverage in one. Initially the product was available for normal to dry skin, but now there is an option for oily skin as well. I should mention that BB stands for beauty balm, and is intended to be the only product needed to apply after washing your skin. The idea originated in South Korea, spread through Asia and eventually North America.

I have normal/dry skin and so I chose that formula. I find the consistency to be thick so I do apply this product alone after washing my skin; if I applied a face cream first, I think the product would slip. I typically apply about a pea size amount onto my face, using my fingers to distribute the product. I spritz The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Mist before rubbing it all in, allowing the BB cream to spread more easily. I find that on its’ own the BB cream can become slightly sticky over the day, so I set it in the morning with a translucent powder. That’s all I need to keep it in place. Regardless of setting it, or not, the colour doesn’t transfer.

The coverage allows my skin to still look natural but better; more glowing. I dislike when my skin looks matte, so perhaps that influences my love of this product! I like that my skin feels moisturized and can I say, rich? It also offers enough coverage that my bronzer and blush adhere well, and have staying power — I must mention that if you don’t set this cream as mentioned earlier, your powders might look blotchy. I find it can be slightly heavy in the summer months, but I’m guessing the formula for combination skin would be a potential alternative — although personally I don’t wear much face makeup in the hot and humid months!

I can say that there are definite pros and cons to Garniers’ BB but I can’t stop reaching for it. It’s easy to apply, the colour looks sun-kissed (light/medium), the finish is dewy, the texture is moisture rich, and it offers a natural-light coverage. I use it everyday, and I know I will repurchase it!

Garnier Skin Active Renew BB Cream is all things francie approved!

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? Leave your comments below!

I find the lowest price for this product is at good ol’ Walmart. Check it out here.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist can be seen here